Welcome to the new sales ARKOTRANS - PARTS FOR BUSES.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we launched a new sales portal that allowed us to introduce a lot of new features.

  • Stocks in our online store are real and updated in real time - the exact amount of goods in stock is shown below product code.
  • New forms of payment, beyond the existing: download / payment on delivery parcels / converting traditional introduced a new form of payment via the portal for domestic and foreign customers for PayPal.
  • New-friendly layout.
  • Improved preview product images.
  • Extensive tree category.
  • Quick search product.

If you can not find on our flounder are looking for your product or you are not sure of your choice, please contact us.

!!! ATTENTION !!! due to the introduction of new legal regulations concerning data RODO our customers could not be migrated to the new system because you need to re-register in the new serwisie.Dane from the previous store has been irretrievably lost.